Welcome to MTS Sensors.

MTS Sensors offers a wide range of field proven, magnetostictive linear-position and liquid-level sensors incorporating the Temposonics technology:

Linear-position sensors - whether you term them position transducers, linear displacement sensors, distance or linear-position sensors, we provide the most reliable and accurate magnetostrictive position sensors.

Designed to operate in a wide gamut of applications including some of the harshest environments.

Liquid-level sensors - today's storage facilities and processing operations demand innovation, accuracy, cost-effectiveness and reliability.

Our liquid-level sensors work well in continuous and batch process control, bulk storage, precision inventory control, product level, interface level, and temperature monitoring applications.

Sensors for mobile equipment - where mobile machines demand better safety systems, greater reliability, single-hand control, absolute position, noise reduction and increased productivity, we have a range of sensors designed to meet the needs of these markets.

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